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Dr. CroweWe are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm, We close on Thursdays at 5 pm. Dr's hours are by appointment. Pictured above: Dr. Crowe runs with the big dogs.

Like Family

Like FamilyWe are here for the life of your pet...because we care. We are here for you and your family from the pitter patter of puppy and kitten paws to the tromping steps of the healthy adult fur-baby to the slowing down of your aging senior. We consider you part of our Creekside family and hope you come to think of Creekside as part of yours.


TheoWe are in Goose Creek, next to Big Lots in the Crowfield Village Shopping Center at 431 St. James Avenue.

"Dr Crowe performed the ear crop for our doberman puppy. We found her online and after we met her and her staff in person we knew we made the right choice. I wasn't 100% on board with the crop and she made me feel completely comfortable. She also handled our unruly human babies with kindness and patience as they sat through the visits. Dr. Crowe and her staff saw our pup for his puppy visits and throughout the ear crop process. I HIGHLY recommend her office. She never rushed us, she explained everything to where we could understand, she gave us training tips for our puppy and talked to us about her dogs. We LOVE her! We would use her as our regular vet, but we live in Mt. Pleasant and the commute isn't fun. Vet fees are never "cheap", but we found her prices in line with other vets, if not cheaper, and there were never any "hidden" charges. That was especially important with the ear crop as it was an investment. I wish I could add a picture of how handsome our man turned out!"

~Shannon, Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Dr. Crowe provides the information necessary for me to properly care for my animals' health and comfort. She is very knowledgeable and accommodating with answering any questions I may have. Dr. Crowe will tell you the truth and give you accurate information for your particular problem and advise you on the best way to handle the problem."

~Joan M., Moncks Corner, SC

"Initially, I chose Creekside because of the location. At the time they were practically in my backyard. But the staff and the people kept me coming back even after I moved farther away.

They are among the sweetest, friendliest and most compassionate people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. They took time to get to know me and my pets, listened to what I had to say. We were never rushed and things are always explained to us in detail. They also followed up to see how things were going with my pets. I am convinced that is why they were so healthy for so long.

Dr. Crowe and Creekside staff absolutely exceeded my expectations. I have lost two older pets in the last 15 months and they did everything possible to allow me to spend as much of their last days with them. This meant more to me than I can possibly convey with words.

Nobody (and I mean nobody) will treat you and your pet better. I think they loved mine almost as much as I did! They are truly the best Veterinary office I have ever visited. Give your pet the best, go to Creekside Veterinary!

I am truly blessed to have these people in my life and my pets' lives. Thank you so much for all you do, Dr. Crowe and Creekside ! "

~Sam R., Goose Creek, SC

"The convenience of having our veterinarian within five minutes of our home was the initial reasoning for choosing Creekside. However, after meeting Dr Crowe and her staff we were very impressed with the care our dogs received and that is what keeps us coming back . They take the time to KNOW us, our pets and our pets needs.

I'll never forget when our dog got away from the sitter and was lost for two days. We were devastated. After searching for two long days and nights, our dog was found. She was in terrible shape with head trauma that was life-threatening. We brought her to Dr. Crowe who immediately began emergency care to stabilize our dog. Knowing our dog would need extensive neurosurgery and skull reconstruction, Dr. Crowe personally drove our dog to another clinic more equipped for that type of trauma. One of the Creekside vet techs went with Dr. Crowe and held our dog and ensured her safety and comfort during the entire transport. Dr. Crowe stayed at the clinic to brief the emergency vet. The staff at Creekside called often during our dog's two week hospitalization. The emergency vet didn't believe our dog would survive the seizures, let alone the intense surgery. She did. I attribute her survival to Dr Crowe's initial care, injury assessment and referral. Without that prompt action, our dog most certainly would have perished. Dr. Crowe saved our Penny's life and we are eternally thankful.

Dr. Crowe and her staff understand that our dogs are our family. They go the extra mile to provide them friendly and thorough care. I appreciate the reminders I receive which prompt me to refill heartworm, schedule vaccinations and make annual appointments.

I have referred many people to Dr. Crowe and sing her praises often. I tell them about the friendly service, clean facility, educated and caring staff and wonderful vets. As a dedicated client, I would not use another clinic! "

~Stacy P., Goose Creek, SC

"Location was the initial factor for choosing Creekside: We wanted something close by. They have provided me with the comfort of knowing that my animals (who are a part of my family) will always be taken care of by highly trained, skilled and professional individuals.

When I recommend them I tell the person that they will not walk out feeling confused or disappointed. They will receive a vet who cares and so does her entire team. I tell them, 'just go try them and you'll be hooked!'"

~Alicia B., Goose Creek, SC

"Creekside is the most compassionate and knowledgeable veterinary clinic I have ever used. They are more like family. They treat my pets like their own.

First, was the convenient location to my home. After the first visit I saw how loving the staff was and I was impressed by the knowledge of Dr. Crowe. I knew that I would go nowhere else.

Because of their compassion and knowledge, they have always provided the greatest care for my pets. They also are great at calming my fears in emergency situations.

Nomatter the situation, they always provide the greatest care for my pet and me!

Last year, after conversations with Dr. Crowe, my family and I decided it was time to let our "Tiny Girl" go onto Heaven. The day of our goodbye, the staff was so loving and supportive which made our decision feel like the right choice. Their support meant the world to my family. Creekside will always be our first choice!"

~Susan J., Goose Creek, SC